Minecraft EDU: results and experienceSix-year old Billy looks like on the screen all ablaze. “I set fire to the earth” – he exults. Parents might be slightly discouraged by his enthusiasm. But they should not worry – he plays MinecraftEdu.

Empire Minecraft continuously expanding. Now its pioneers and found the approach to teachers. Henceforth, in the disposal of teachers – educational game MinecraftEdu. This is a new educational project, which became inventors Santeri Koivisto and Joel Levin, teachers programmers from Finland and the United States. Support them, of course, had MojangAB, the Swedish developer of video game Minecraft. Today MinecraftEdu used in more than 400 schools. Children follow game scenario proposed by developers, or – as Billy – prefer it to open new opportunities in any case, at the disposal of teachers now – a new layer of learning tools. Continue reading

Seven rules of successful online learning organizationAlthough these principles were originally formulated for use in conventional offline class 25 years ago, they have not lost their relevance today, in relation to online learning. The only thing that has changed with the change of the paradigm of learning – a practical implementation of these principles. Presenting your attention the very principles of the practice and experience of online training on their use. Continue reading

EdX creates a system to automatically check an essayOnline students upload their work to the site screening courses and want their knowledge was quickly and objectively verified. How to create a software that would measure student essays and short answers? This urgent problem to solve took EdX, one of the platforms for massive open online courses (MOOC). EdX – profit organization established under the auspices of Harvard and MIT. Its employees are busy creating a tool for assessing student work; it is assumed that it will be available to all educational institutions, and it can be downloaded via the Internet for free. Although new technology has not yet worked out, but, as usual, is already causing a lot of controversy. Continue reading

10 examples of MMORPG in trainingThere are many situations where a MMORPG, or massively multiplayer online role-playing game that can bring benefit to society. We have already described the experience of building a special game-based learning process – World of Classcraft. In addition, teachers use the capabilities of these games to better illustrate his lectures, to develop the necessary training and skills of students and achieve even set educational goals, which you’ll learn by reading this article. We picked 10 examples of MMORPG in the classroom or auditorium. Continue reading